Clean Desk Policy

What is a Clean desk policy and how does it make your station look?

It is rather straightforward: remember Day One on your job? Nothing on your desk besides your computer. No papers, no paper clips, no post it, no removable sticks. Just a clean desk!

Tips to Declutter Your Desk and Work Space | Shape
ExperienceInteriors/Getty Images

There is an ongoing debate about which type of office increases the well-being of employees and their efficiency: the spartan office with clean & neat stations or the personalized space, where an employee organizes his office as his “home”. One side will argue that a clean desk reduces stress by offering visual comfort and an orderly environment with each object in a precise location, while the other side will argue that a clean desk policy will feel oppressive and too much time will be spent tidying and cleaning rather than on the task.

Well-being in the office usually keys in happiness and comfort, nevertheless, during epidemics, stricter health considerations require us to prioritize differently: a clean desk policy will help ensuring better air quality (less items equal less dust and volatile substances), less germ-carrying objects and ease of cleaning and disinfection.

To further limit germ spreading, disinfecting stations shall be set-up for small items like cell phones, keys, pens and so on can be disinfected. These are not a big price item for an office, as such equipment has been on the market for years, being used primarily in spas, hairdressers and nail salons.

To implement this, an office will need a firm policy requiring all employees to leave an empty desk at the end of day. Offices will also need more filing cabinets, good archiving methods, shredders and trash bins.

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