Door handles and germs

Everybody uses them, way-in and way-out. Main entrance doors and toilet doors are in the higher risk area.

To limit germ transmission through touch of the handles there are several options based on either reducing the contact with door handles or disinfecting them continuously / as often as possible.

  1. Compliment door handles with foot door openers. Several devices of this sort exist already on the market, none of them are designed for people in wheelchairs. New device needs to be designed to ensure full compliance with accessibility codes on its own or maintain door handle to be used occasionally. For accessibility code compliance, replace handles with push plates wherever possible.
  2. Keep most doors in open position / eliminate as many doors from lay-out as practical
  3. Use electrically operated doors with no touch sensors where possible
  4. Install an automated sanitizing device for the door handle. Several products based on aerosol spraying or UV lighting exist on the market. Retest for specific viruses.
  5. Design a self-cleaning sleeve / coating for the door handles, knobs and panic bars. It seems that such a product was launched in 2013 on the market, it should be re-tested for a wide variety of viruses and confirm the results.
  6. To further reduce touch while going through doors, install self-closing mechanisms on all doors.
  7. Install disinfectant dispensers in the vicinity of high traffic doors

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