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We are a team of people investigating how intelligent design can limit the spread of infection. Our focus is on office and education spaces that need to function during epidemics like Covid-19.

Shall we…track?

In a propagated epidemic with person to person transmission multiple waves of rising new cases are likely to occur till the susceptible population becomes a minority. It’s simple mathematics: while we move in the same circles, after a number of days we can see a decrease in new cases. When our circle expands and startsContinue reading “Shall we…track?”

General measures recommended for the functioning of offices during viral epidemics

In the context of the need for offices to operate during epidemics several measures should be taken to prevent and limit the transmission of viruses by: maintaining a safe distance between users of the building limiting the number of people touching an object/surface limiting the contact which persons might have with surfaces touched by othersContinue reading “General measures recommended for the functioning of offices during viral epidemics”

General measures recommended for the functioning of schools during viral epidemics

This report was produced in April 2020 by a team of specialists in the fields of architecture, medicine, biology, engineering working  within  the  project  “Safe Interior” to produce Design Strategies for Increased Safety in the Use of Interiors for Schools and Offices. In the context of the need for schools to operate during epidemics, severalContinue reading “General measures recommended for the functioning of schools during viral epidemics”

Door handles and germs

Everybody uses them, way-in and way-out. Main entrance doors and toilet doors are in the higher risk area. To limit germ transmission through touch of the handles there are several options based on either reducing the contact with door handles or disinfecting them continuously / as often as possible. Compliment door handles with foot doorContinue reading “Door handles and germs”

Clean Desk Policy

What is a Clean desk policy and how does it make your station look? It is rather straightforward: remember Day One on your job? Nothing on your desk besides your computer. No papers, no paper clips, no post it, no removable sticks. Just a clean desk! There is an ongoing debate about which type ofContinue reading “Clean Desk Policy”

Elevators and contamination

One of the high risk contamination areas in Office Buildings is the elevator cabin. This presents multiple problems: The limited size of the cabin and, as such, the close proximity people sit to each other, especially during rush hour The poor ventilation of the cabin The touch-panel or the command button Germ transmission while usingContinue reading “Elevators and contamination”

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